Guys I like never like me back?

I’ve had a terrible experience last year, as i dated a guy at my school and i knew he liked another girl who was my classmate, but he told me he forgot about her. We dated for a month or two and i noticed how he looked at her every time he came into my class; it literally broke my heart into pieces. I am one of those pretty girls at school with a nice body, but im just not popular because i don’t fake every smile if im just not able to. i forgot about my ex who made me feel bad about myself, i just can’t feel pretty anymore. I accidentally compare myself to that girl. that girl and i were friends but then i knew she talked shit about me with some random people and we’re now over. I’m currently texting another guy at my school, and we’ve known each other for 6 months now. We listen to the same kind of music and we have many things in common, i’ve never thought of him more than a friend until a few weeks ago. I felt attracted to him and that i want to be with him, i always checked my phone to see if he texted. a week ago, i saw his comment on that girl’s pic and i know they weren’t close and he’s so out of her league. I FELT SO JEALOUS, and I knew I was in love with him and i didn’t want to repeat what happened with my ex. the guy and I are friends but i thought he liked me, now im very nervous and i can't be myself anymore around him. im back to that comparison and i really don’t want to lose him. i know he used to like me but i just don’t know if he still likes me or not because i guess they’re friends now. please tell me what to do.
Guys I like never like me back?
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