He kissed me again!!!

Ok my ex's best friend kissed me again! We were all out last night and we were all pretty drunk, and he kissed me, AGAIN! The last time was at a friends wedding (again tipsy). He claimed that he was too drunk to remember (YEAH RIGHT!), and that he was sorry and it would never happen again. I was cool with that. But then last night, he was all premeditated like, and waited for my ex to move his car then stopped me at the door and kissed me. He is such an idiot! Why does he keep doing that!? I know he's attracted to me, he tells me all the time. Then he tells me that he could never date a friends ex and that it is one of his rules (which he is telling the truth). But I mean leave me alone already. And it sucks because we have this great chemistry, and I have so much fun with them.

Why does he do this and then tell me that we can't be together? Why can't he make up his mind!?

An aside: My ex has supposedly already told him that he knows that we will date some day, and that he doesn't care. All his friends have dated an ex except this guy! Also, my ex has no idea about the kisses.


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  • Just tell your ex's best friend to make up his damned mind. Tell him you aren't okay with him kissing you if you two aren't dating. Tell him to bend his dating rule and date you, or leave you alone.

    Do it in a pretty tough tone.

    • Yeah, you're right; I will! I am soooo MAD! I hate this sh!t! He needs to make an f'in decision. When he does this he is disrespecting his friend and me! WTF!

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