Is it obvious I have a crush on my coworker? Am I crossing a line?

I work at a school and my crush and I are both teachers. First and foremost, I know our jobs are extremely important and that is what comes first. However, there are no rules against dating in our workplace and I believe that, if you make a genuine connection with someone and are serious about them, then you can make it work.

I want to be very careful about how I approach this situation, but I do want to pursue a friendship and eventually a relationship with this person. So far, I think most if not all of my actions toward him can be interpreted as me doing my job (which I am), but there have definitely been some “happy accidents” that have led me to be in the position I’m currently in with my crush.

Here’s what’s happened so far:

-I got his number from our work contact list and sent a “reminder” about an upcoming meeting
-Texted him a thank you when I found out he gave a coworker a picture frame for a drawing I did for that coworker
-Came to his classroom on occasion to discuss an online student we were having trouble with
-Texted him here and there about issues concerning that student
-Baked desserts for him as well as other teachers to say thank you for going out of their way to help the same student
-Visited his class to do an observation when that student returned to school (I did observations in other classes as well)
-Found out he didn’t have an aide in that class when he needed one, and moved my schedule around slightly so I could be in there to help.
-Have short conversations with him before class starts about various things, including some things outside of work.

So far he’s been kind and receptive every time I’ve approached him, but he’s a nice person in general and may not say anything even if he did feel uncomfortable. I’m very inexperienced with guys and would hate to make him feel like I’m being pushy or coming on too strong, so any suggestions or advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
Is it obvious I have a crush on my coworker? Am I crossing a line?
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