Are these signs of a future controlling relationship?

I met a man on a Christian dating site. He is a church leader and a spiritual advisor, and leads church services around the country. He is very devoted to his faith. I’m in a different place in my life where I’m curious about rediscovering my faith, and I’m not sure where it will take me and whether I want to continue being a christian or not. If I tell him I’m interested in trying out a new church, he responds back with “I wouldn’t go to that church I don’t recommend it”. He sends me very long messages and also keeps asking me to read sermons, and listen to online church services, and says “reply back what you think of both of these.” I’m finding it a bit presumptuous that he assumes I want to do this too. He also asked me if I cook and bake, and then said “a few wives of my friends of mine serve in this way”.
i decided to take a break from responding to him and then he sent me an email asking if he’d upset me and then I explained that I was finding it intense that he was telling me to read online sermons and church services and putting that pressure on me. He responded with an apology and then asked if I wanted to speak with him over the phone and said that he cared about me a lot. I found this quite strange as we’ve only been speaking a few weeks.

Are these red flags that there is a potential controlling and/or abusive relationship further down the line?
Are these signs of a future controlling relationship?
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