Was I right or wrong?

Hi everyone
so I saw my boyfriend for 20 min today because we just went to go tan at a place and then he was gunna drop me off at home again. I asked him if he wanted to eat by me and he said yes at first and then when we first stopped by his house and then went to mine, on the way to my house he said he’s rather gunna eat at home because at 4 he has to go work. And I told him I just made food it would just be nice if he ate quick (he still had an hour and a half before going to work) he started getting angry saying that he can’t just do what he wants to. And that he just wants to relax at home and do his own thing. He feels he must always do what I want him to do but that isn’t true. I just wanted him to eat by me for 15 min and then he could’ve left. And I told him that. Once we were at my house he said “fine I’ll fucking eat by you” I told him no it’s okay go home. I don’t want him to eat by my if he doesn’t want to. He got mad and drove off so fast and didn’t even say bye... 30 min later he asks me if he could come to me because he doesn’t have food at his house and I said sure no problem...
Was I right or wrong?
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