Why was he being so weird?

I went to the library with my friend today. I was sitting down in front of a computer turned sideways to it and was on my phone and I was facing my friend who was on the computer beside me.

She got up to go print something out and I was scrolling Instagram while she did this. I was looking at this funny animal meme because it was a picture of a weird looking animal. But I had my phone kind of low in front of me. My friend told me as she was walking back to her computer this guy came from a computer and was walking around and was staring at me the whole time as he was walking and even turned around as he got to the end of the room. I was confused because I was facing sideways and he could’ve been watching me as he was walking up from behind his computer but only my side profile. Plus when my friend told me this she made it seem like a huge deal and I had that meme up on my phone and I’m a skeptic so I thought maybe he could’ve been staring at that. But I don’t think it was that big of a deal for him to be looking at my phone that hard and plus she said he could’ve been looking at the meme but she was sure he was staring at me and kept talking about it and if she thinks he was staring at something else then she wouldn’t have told me and plus she said she watched his eyes the whole time.
Lol what do you think. We ran into him as we were leaving and I kept asking her if the guy was cute and she pointed him out and he got on his phone as he passed us , so clearly he knew he was guilty of something lol. Do you think he was staring?
Why was he being so weird?
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