Girls: Was dating a girl for 3 weeks, she went home (away) for a month, is back now but?

So I'm in college and I met some girl in school. We got along very well and started going out for coffee / hot choc / w.e.

We ended up kissing when we said goodbye, and I went back to her flat 3 times, she made me dinner once, and cooked some dessert for me the other 2 times. we made out for a while, around an hour, and I think it was pretty obvious that she was interested in me.

She went back to her home country (europe somewhere) for a month, and we didn't really talk much through Facebook messages ( her phone didn't work over there).

She got back at the start of may, we have exams starting in the beginning of June and usually students spend their entire days during this month studying for the exams, since they leave everything last minute. We are studying engineering so its a pretty tough course.

Anyway during this last week we Haven't been out on a date or anything,(ive been asking ) but she says she is too busy and she wants to study basically. when we were first going out we texted a lot , in lectures every day which gradually declined during the last week she was there. Now we don't really text much.

I see her in the department (a couple times this week), we are on the same course, and she seems to behave like she was last month but I'm still concerned that she may have lost interest in me over the month at home.

The fact is I spend 12 hours a day ( 9am to 9pm) at the library and most of my friends do, or study at home, but if I was interested in a girl I would have time for a date. Her dorms are also very close to the campus and library.

It's really taken a step down from what it was the last month - daily contact in person (if not on dates just in the department) and also quick texting responses, to what it is now - rarely seeing her and very slow or no responses to texting.

Do you think she just has stopped being interested in me from the month apart?


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  • Yeah, sorry to say but it sounds like she has moved on. If there's any chance of salvaging it, it's in just ignoring her from now on until she comes to you.