Why did he always tell me he missed me when he really didn't?

I dated this guy on and off for two months (I broke it off with him twice. Once about a month ago & just the other day) so I'm sure it's safe to say him & I are done but this has been eating away at me and I just want an answer to help me understand ...

He used to always tell me how much he missed me, etc.. but he never wanted to make any time to see me. Whenever we would make plans that had to be cancelled he would just say SORRY CAN'T MAKE IT, he never wanted to try to reschedule and anytime I tried to reschedule he would either say I'LL TRY or just wouldn't respond. But he kept would keep telling me how much he missed me. I know for a fact he really didn't miss me but he kept saying he did..

Why do men tell women they really miss them when they don't? Why did he waste any time contacting me at all when I never really mattered to him? It was like he would make plans knowing he wasn't going to come


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  • You've dated a big scumbag...

  • You were his Plan W

    most men ALWAYS have a plan W


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