How often do you think about a boyfriend/girlfriend?

My girlfriend and I just recently started a LDR after a few months of real life dating. I think about her almost non-stop, almost to the point I feel like a crazy person. I just wanted to know if anyone thought about their significant other like ALL THE TIME, or has gone through a LDR and felt crazy? lol


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  • Thats so cute, its nice to hear that some guys think about their s/o non-stop like some girls do. I'm in a LDR as well and can't get him out of my head. It just shows you really like them.

    • LDRs aren't fun, but they are worth it in the end! Ours is only for the summer, then we'll be back at school for the Fall

    • Well yea, but it is worth it, getting to see him when I do. To me it shows commitment to one another much more then a normal relationship which sometimes doesn't have.

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