How to stop acting as the friend and create sexual tension (attraction)?

Just as the question says. Its like even though I try to flirt by teasing on dates, I don't really cross the touch barrier, even after two or three dates. May be on the shoulder. And I haven't even go for a kiss because don't know when is the right time or how. Even though a couple of the girls I did get three dates with I ended up telling that I like them street doing what I stated above and they ran. I need help.


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  • If you really are 25-29 and you are on a "date" with a girl (meaning she knows it's a date) then you should be kissing her on the first date. Okay, under certain conditions I can accept stretching it to a second date but nothing beyond that.

    Waiting until the third date and barely even making any contact with her is not good. If a girl agrees to go on a date with you that means she likes you. If she goes on a second date with you that means she still likes you after the first date. See where I'm going with this? It's not like you're trying to kiss a stranger here.

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