Did I do the right thing saying I needed time?

I started seeing this guy, but I lost someone who was like a father to me, and my grief was affecting my relationships. I eventually told him the timing was bad and that I needed to take some time to heal. He kept reassuring me saying it was ok to keep talking to him, so it sounds like he's open to picking things back up eventually. Is that a realistic assumption?

I see a future with him, but I really do need the space to just grieve. I didn't expect to lose someone I looked up to so soon and so suddenly, and I felt like I was starting to take my anger and frustration out on him. Should I take his willingness to wanting to keep in touch as a good sign? Is it really weird to actually keep talking to him through all of this?

I care about him a lot, but I don't know how to navigate dating someone new when you're dealing with a loss. I figured I should walk away before I make things worse. ☹
Did I do the right thing saying I needed time?
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