How do I get over someone?

I’ve liked this guy for five years, and he’s not even a good person. He has been out of my life for almost 6 months but I still think about him daily. He’s a pathological liar, and about the stupidest things. He doesn’t care about anyone but himself, not even his own mother. I gave and gave, risked friendships for him, just for him to play with my emotions. He also does a lot of different drugs (not meth or heroine), and has also forced (not aggressively) me into doing it with him. Given all the shit I know about him, I can’t get over him. I also can’t get rid of the hope that he is a better person than he really is. I keep on using his shitty family history as an excuse for his actions but sadly my heart speaks louder than my mind.
9 mo
I’d like to just add that he only forced me to smoke marijuana, so nothing major.
How do I get over someone?
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