Why do women constantly get cold feet?

Lately, I've been observing this odd trend involving my experiences in dating. I've found that if there's a girl I'm interested or is interested and me, and make some advances, they'll generally agree to go out on a date with me. However, they will very often get cold feet and end up canceling the date, and even when we do go on the date and both of us have a great time, and the girl is clearly into me, she won't be interested in going on another date with me. Any idea why this so often happens to take place?


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  • Nowadays, women are generally in a rush to get what they want so even if they have a great time on a date, if they don't see soul mate potential they won't even give you a chance. It's unfair but it's just what we do.

    • I'm a college student, the average woman isn't looking to get married yet.

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