I don't know whether or not I should ask her out. Help, please?

Okay, first of all, she's a girl I've seen maybe once or twice but I've gotten to know her through FB first and then she gave me her number.

She usually texts me first. She leads with a good morning, then records a voice message telling me what she's doing or checking on me. I answer back and the ball keeps rolling. She constantly flirts with me when I ask her about a photo I took or something and I return the favor. She sends me songs after midnight and we listen to them together until we sleep. I haven't called her so far and neither has she but we talk back and forth all day long, usually through voice messages. She sends me cute pictures, screenshots and she tells me everything about her day and usually apologizes if she replies later than usual. She boosts my confidence, cheers me up when I'm sad. She tells me I'm unlike any man she has ever met. She jokingly keeps telling me that I'm a great catch and that whoever gets to be with me will be the happiest girl. She has also jokingly told me that I'm very handsome and attractive.

But... Here is the caveat: She has had many people confess to her and she keeps rejecting them all because she is focused on her career and her studies and she has told me that if she were to fall in love, she'll dedicate all her time to that person and she doesn't want that to happen. So she has turned down countless guys. Guys I have seen screenshots of when they were confessing. So she kind of has made it clear that she doesn't want a relationship at this time. But she has also said that she is starting to feel like she is missing out on a good relationship and when she said that, she was talking about me if she were to open her horizon to ignoring her rules about not having relationships. She keeps saying we're friends but acts as more than that. She keeps telling me I'm special and she has said that she still doesn't love anyone. I don't know if she means it or if she's teasing me. I'm totally lost. Please help me.
I don't know whether or not I should ask her out. Help, please?
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