How can you tell if a guy doesn't like you anymore?

okay 2nd semester of school I met this guy in my class he sent me a friend request on Facebook, and I accepted it. He sent me a message and we started talking for like 2 weeks and we text each other and he told me he liked me, and I told him I liked him too.We he asked me did I want to go see a movie with him, and I said yes. We went out to the movies and it was an okay date. We just didn't clique like we thought we were going to clique. He even told my friend the same thing. Since then we Haven't really been talking to each other. he walk pasts me in the hall way like he don't even know me and we don't even talk in class anymore. I don't know what to do because I still like him. and I don't know if he still like me.


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  • Yeah, he probably lost interest. It's an unfortunate side effect of people starting relationships online. You get a picture in your head of the other person that may not really line up with reality and so any way that they differ can seem like a disappointment. It happens a lot.


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