Why don't Asian girls like black guys?

Firstly I'll start by making a few disclaimers:
  • I know it obviously depends on the girl. I'm not generalizing.
  • "I have an Asian girlfriend even though I'm black" doesn't answer my question, please read above. I know there are obviously exceptions.
  • No I don't have some sort "yellow fever." I'll date anyone of any race.
  • I don't wanna hear the whole "Back in the old days, lighter skin meant you were wealthier because you weren't in the sun as much." The same applied to Europe as well yet the whole "not dating black people" isn't nearly as common among whites which is even more surprising considering the whole "black/white" conflicts of the past and present.
Put simply, whether it be online or in person, it seems like Asian women have a strong aversion to dating anyone outside their race besides whites with a special emphasis against dating blacks. I lived in Korea for a year and attempted to date while there. I did have 2... "things" but both were party girls who just wanted to dance and drink and club all the time. They were also both big on hiphop culture. They didn't seem to look at me as someone they wanted to settle down, be serious, and get married with. Just someone to go out and party with. The normal, smart, mature, nerdy etc. girls wouldn't even give me the time of day. Meanwhile every other white man there was bringing home a Korean wife. Can any Asians provide some type of insight as to why blacks are so undesired? Is it stereotypes? Physical features? Society?
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Ok any actual Asians gonna reply or girls in general? And anything that isn't about sexual stereotypes?
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Is seriously nobody gonna give a real answer to this?
Why don't Asian girls like black guys?
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