Guy I met today?

I went grocery shopping today with my roommate and as we were in the parking lot, there was this guy. My roommate made eye contact with him and he stopped and asked if we needed help with our groceries. I said yes and smiled and so he helped us. He took some of them and carried them all the way up to the floor where we lived.

We all made small talk and my roommate asked if he lived in the same building as us and he said it was a different one. He asked where I was from then her and I told him I was from Raleigh. He said he was from Maryland but said he was moving to Raleigh because he loved it there. When we got to our room he helped set the groceries down and we said our thank you and goodbyes.

Was he just being nice and a gentleman or was he interested in one of us. And in that case why didn’t he pursue?
Guy I met today?
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