Is it a bad sign or am I overthinking?

I met this guy on bumble about 2 months ago. He's 27, I'm 25.

He just moved back to the state from across the country after ending his last relationship and the pandemic. So he is currently trying to get a job. So he has a lot of free time and is gone a lot with old friends. Which i understand, just moving back here.

BUT, my issue is, that he is a terrible texter. He takes forever to get back to me and typically only will once or twice a day. And I haven't seen him a ton. Granted, I am pretty busy.
But when we hang out we have a great time and I feel like he tells me all about his week and stuff honestly.
We've hooked up a couple times and he's stayed the night.

But is it a bad sign that he's spending way more time with his friends and stuff? I feel like it's reasonable and i might see more of him once he gets a job and life gets more normal.

Or am I wasting my time here?
Is it a bad sign or am I overthinking?
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