Why doesn't she text me?

So I really like this wonderful girl (she's 18 and I'm 22). I've known her a few years. We have been out a couple times together and I see her socially quite often. We get along great when we're together. She has always been shy by nature. Like any other teenage girl, she texts a LOT! She doesn't text me so much. I have to initiate the conversation and they never last very long. Does she like me? Can I possibly know how she truly feels about me just by her texting habits?


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  • You can't tell how she feels by text at all. Me and a guy friend of mine were having this discussion just the other day. Text messages are the worst when it comes knowing how a person feels. It only tests the bonds people have between each other. The best way to tell if a person likes you is in person. The next best thing is a phone call and actually hearing their voice. Trust me I know. There's a guy I like and he never answers my text or doesn't get them right away. But when I make a phone call he answers right away usually, unless he's busy. Call her, stop with text messages. Text messages are the cowards way for trying to get to know someone.

    • "the cowards way for trying to get to know someone"? lol harsh but I think I agree with you lol. thanks!

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