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I accidentally planned a virtual date and then kinda flaked on it cause I was too nervous. Am I horrible?

Disclaimer: I have pretty bad social anxiety and get nervous to talk to people

I met this guy through some friends and we have been texting everyday for a few weeks. We live pretty far from each other so we only text. I don’t think I could see him as more than a friend but I genuinely enjoy texting him. Anyway, I jokingly said he should carve a pumpkin since he isn't decorating for Halloween. He then said he would if I did too. We picked out a time/day so we could do it at the same time and he even went out and got the supplies. The whole time I was thought we’d update each other through text and send snap updates. It never crossed my mind that he would want to FaceTime. So the time rolls around and he’s running late. I got all my stuff set up and started working in the living room with my fam around me. Then he asks if I want to “FaceTime or anything”. I panicked bc I was too nervous and wasn’t mentally prepared for it and wasn't looking cute. I also already started and couldn’t really move everything I had anywhere else and just feel nervous talking to someone on the phone with a bunch of people in the room. I’m such an idiot bc of course he wanted to FaceTime. I made up an excuse that I was already working and thought my fam would be kinda loud but suggested we could snap. I then said how I felt bad and how I was sorry that I didn’t plan better. I also said I could move outside so we could FaceTime but he said it wasn't a big deal and we just snap chatted/texted throughout the night.

I just felt so horrible when I said I couldn’t Facetime after he went out of his way to get all of this stuff to do something bc of me but I was just too nervous. I’ve only met him once and have barely spoken to him in person. He is the sweetest guy I have ever met though. He didn’t finish carving his and I didn’t either which makes me think he is going to try to get me to FaceTime him tonight. What should I do if he asks again?
I accidentally planned a virtual date and then kinda flaked on it cause I was too nervous. Am I horrible?
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