Is he scared to be with me?

he told me he didn't want a relationship but only likes me. then he dates a girl he is only with for a couple days. I ask for advice from one of my friend who is 20 somthin and she thinks he really likes me but is scared to be with me Because he has been hurt. correct? or what? how can I fix this?


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  • I'll need a little more information..

    He told you directly he doesn't want a relasionship.. Using thoughs words.. Or could you be reading into somthing he said?

    Dose your friend talk with him alot..

    And how do you know ge dated somone else...

    One last question.. Have you told him you like him to?

    • he knws I like him. he told me that he liked me but didn't want a relationship in thoses words and yes she dose talk with him alot. me and him talk all the time and I was going to be at the park next to his house one day and I told him and he told me something about him and his firends and his girlfriend where going to be their. we ended up hangin out with some of my firends. anyway I asked him about her and he said they are over.

    • Have you told him you like him?

      And he may have been hurt befor.. So he's hesitant to say anything to you.. He might have been dating her so that's why he said he didn't want a relastionship..

      If they are over its not that big of deal.. He might want one..

      And did you ever acually meet this "girlfriend"

      Sorry for my late responds it might not matter anymore..

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  • It sounds like he doesn't really know what he wants. And I don't think he's really that into you either. If he was, he would've dated you and not some other girl.

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