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Should I be worried of being a rebound?

So about a week ago, I (F/19) reconnected with an old acquaintance (M/20) through tinder. We had originally met when we were 16 because my best friend was dating his best friend, and we had talked briefly a few times at parties and such. Back then, I remember my best friend always telling me she wanted us to get together because she thought we would really work together, and I never opposed to it because I always thought he was really cute. We were both very inexperienced and we are both a bit shy by nature so nothing happened. We finally lost contact about a year later at 17, because my best friend cheated on her boyfriend and they broke up. A few months after this happened, her and stopped being friends.

This changed last week, that we matched on tinder and started talking. We had kinda talked before but for the first time we really started to get to know each other and I have been really liking what I've seen until now, not to mention that he has gotten HOT these last few years. I don't know if he feels the same way, but he's made an effort to keep the conversation going, so I guess he's at least curious about me. A few days ago he asked me if I wanted to meet up with him and I said yes, but due to current events, there are certain restrictions put in place in my country that doesn't allow us to meet up, but we have agreed that as soon as they are taken down we are going to go grab a coffee or something.

What I'm concerned about here is that I know that he recently (about 2 months ago) broke up with his girlfriend (they dated for about 6 months), and I don't really wanna be the rebound. Don't get me wrong, I'm not looking for a husband right now, I'm still young so it's not like I am going into this expecting the love story of a lifetime, but after so many years of having a thing for him, I wanna get to know him and just see where things go, but I don't wanna end up being just a rebound. So, what are your thoughts? Is being a rebound always a bad thing?
Should I be worried of being a rebound?
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