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Why do people always ask "Where do you work"? Or "What is your Job"?

Personally I can't see what a persons job or source income has to do with the actual person themselves... Would being the Son/Daughter of a millionaire make you a better person because you are rich and have plenty of money? Would being a poor homeless person living on a street make you a worse person? If you are going to ask question of others why not ask the important things?
1) What would you say is the kindest thing you've ever done?
2) If you came across A man in need, A woman in need, a child in need, a dog in need or a cat in need which would you help and why?
3) What is the most hateful thing you've ever done?
4) Do you now, or would you ever like to have kids of your own?
5) If you didn't know me and you saw me at my car with the engine steaming would you offer to help?
Questions like these can give you an idea of the person you're dealing with, in my opinion a Job shows nothing since after all the term "Going Postal" came from a decent waged job and obviously if someone can go on a shooting spree from that job what's to stop them from doing it elsewhere?
If you agree or disagree feel free to respond why, feel free to explain why you agree or disagree. and finally if you want feel free to answer the 5 questions I provided as well... lol might find out something about yourself you didn't even realize.
Why do people always ask "Where do you work"? Or "What is your Job"?
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