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Will she think I'm crazy? Should I try more?

So on a dating app I started talking with a girl, we really hit it off until I started having some off feelings about a thing or two she said. In reality it all stems from my past abusive relationship, but also the fact that she was indeed a little bit manipulative. If I was more chill though I think we would be good now though. Anyway so I picked up a fight with her and broke things off. Then I texted again saying that sorry, I'm just a bit fucked up right now, hope there are no hard feelings. She said well ok but maybe you should communicate such things so we could move on, I don't have any hard feelings. I replied great! She said nothing.

THEN a day after I did the stupidest thing I could ever do! I texted if you ever come in my city call me (number), maybe in person we match better. And DELETED my whole account. Haha I KNOW. STUPID!

The thing is, what can I do to fix things? Or should I just move on?

PS:I swear I'm not crazy, I'm actually pretty chill. I just had my period.
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I did it, and she hasn't done anything. It's ok I guess, at least I know she's not interested...
Will she think I'm crazy? Should I try more?
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