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He slapped me right across my face?

So I’ve been seeing this guy for almost four months now and I have fallen for him, which is rare. He’s been really kind, compassionate and loving. The sex gets really passionate and intense and last time he slapped right across my face. It hurt, left a mark and got swollen from where his hand hit me. I was in shock and kicked him off me and then started crying. The guy I dated before him was violent with me, got a bit crazy and began stalking me. The current guy knew this.

He then panicked and told me how sorry he was, that he thought I was into that stuff and then realised how stupid it was for him to assume, especially because of my history. I feel like he was genuine saying this, but he still hit me. We talked and I stood up for myself. He apologised a million times and asked if he had fucked it all up completely beyond repair. I asked for time to think. What would you do in my situation?
He slapped me right across my face?
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