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Are abusive relationships this bad?

My family and I noticed that my sister started to act strange once she started dating this new guy. A few months into it, she stopped coming home. She started staying at his house for days. We found out he has been abusing her. Hitting her and verbally because there have been times she’ll be on the phone with him and you can tell by her replies he’s pressuring her to come see him or be with him. When she does come back home she just stays in her room for hours. Sleeps and doesn’t say much. She was never talkative but it’s gotten worse. She’s been laid off since Covid and in the beginning she was searching for a new job but once she started dating this guy, that stopped as well. We’ll leave papers of websites and numbers to call to apply for jobs and she’ll lie to us and say she applied when we ask if she did but the papers will still be on her drawer untouched. Money came missing off of my dads Credit card and he thought a random scammer got into it, they opened an investigation and it turns out my sister did it and sent the money to a alias name which we all know for sure is this guy she’s been dating and the reason she’s been rebelling. Like he’s controlling her so much, she’s taking from family because it’s no way she would do that on her own. She usually ask for what she needs. She’s not herself anymore. She use to have a passion for writing a passion for her life and goals and now it’s just gone and nonexistent these days for her. She’s only twenty four and much too young to be in such a relationship but she won’t listen. Like he has her under his spell.
Are abusive relationships this bad?
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