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Any tips or tricks for dealing with dating anxiety?

I’ve been dating for years so you would think I would have it figured out by now but I still can’t help and overthink the smallest things!!

For example: this guy and I have gone on two date, TWO, like I don’t even know if I like him yet! I mean sure I’ve like him enough to see him again but it’s not like I have even gotten close to deciding if I want to date him because he is still pretty much a stranger.

That being said. It’s been two days and I’m stressed that he hasn’t texted me since our last date to set anything up. Sure on our last date he came over to a little house warming get together for me (there were only 7 of us and 4 of us work together) which was a lot but I told him he didn’t have to come it just might be fun to do something “normal” in these crazy times and he did! And he dresses up to theme (like went thrifting)! And brought alcohol & cheese! So all very nice and all night he told me how fun and funny he thought I was and how great I looked and pretty much I could just tell he was charmed. I mean obviously, I’m very charming. He also stayed the night and was chill with us not having sex and then in the morning we went and got breakfast before I had to run off to work to which he kissed me goodbye and said he would “see me soon”.

Literally all great things and yet here I am wondering why he hasn’t texted me yet... we are grown adults and we have our own lives, that’s why... but also what if he hates me?
Any tips or tricks for dealing with dating anxiety?
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