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He said he liked me and suddenly stopped texting me why men are liars?

We went out on 7 dates but we didn't sleep with each other yet. We were really attracted to each other but we wanted it to be special. He kept telling me how much he liked me etc on the dates. Before our last date, i noticed that he texted me less often took longer to reply and didn't ask me questions to carry on the conversation so i kind of withdrew too. Anyway We saw each other on the 7th date which was a Wednesday but it was awkward like we knew there's something wrong. After the date he didn't text me for 2 days ( before that we texted everyday) . I didn't do anything just waited. Then he texted me again on sat and sun. I replied but again withdrew and was a bit cold in my replies cos i wanted to test him. He stopped texting me after for nearly a week. Then i texted him asked him how he is he said he's been busy bla bla bla , then i kind of gave him an advice about what to do when you’re busy. He said thanks and its really good advice then i didn't say anything after that. That was 3,4 days ago. All the textings stopped then. So basically he went from being really into me to ghosted me. I dont buy the being busy part though. I think he has already lost interest but a part of me still hoping that im wrong. What do you think? How can i know for sure?
He said he liked me and suddenly stopped texting me why men are liars?
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