Ever had a great date and messed it up with one dumb comment/joke?

guys, have you ever had a really good date - lots of fun/laughing/flirting. great energy and chemistry. she's asking questions. there are even moments where she feels a little uncomfortable and doesn't know what to say, in a good way. then BAM... you make one dumb joke or comment and it goes to sh*t. you shake it off and have a good time for a little while longer, but she doesn't want to go home with you like she was probably going to before the stupid joke.

I'm just wondering how easy it is to mess up good chemistry. I guess when it's good, I feel like I can say anything and she'll laugh, but this date made me see that that's dead wrong.

Comments/stories please


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  • True story. The guy I was with prior did the same thing. Your kind of going to have to wait for her to stop saying to herself, OMG, I can't believe he said that. Was it about another girls body parts or something because if it was it could be the end of the road for you. If it was something racial it could be the end of the road for you. Everything and anything else just needs a few days for the weirdness to go away. The guy before me made comments about people not being entitled to welfare and being the scum of the earth.Bottome feeding off the rest of us in life. Here's the thing I hold a social worker type postion in a a Welfare department. Yes, you got it. The statement totally tanked because this was the type of work I was passionate about doing and do earn a living doing but even that after a few days the awkwardness went away. It is a good thing to be yourself but people usually go that route when they are comfortable and no someone so that when they do say something they do not take it out of context. By the way did you apologize?

    • hahaha wow! your guy didn't even make a bad joke, he shared a very unfortunate personal view.. I think that's worse. I just made a dumb joke that I would make around my friends, just not a date.. it was about her sorority sister's giving me roofies.

      she actually said "you shouldn't say stuff like that".. and that was in the middle of having great chemistry. so total mood-changer. I didn't apologize but just said "let's shake it off." I'm screwed, I was jw about stuff like this in general.

    • Wow then she is too serious. Two ways to look at it she might have felt threatened that you even thought about her "HOT" soriety sisters in any way shape or form. And two she thought that you were disrespecting her club and thought they were protrayed as drug users, etc. This girl is a little too serious. This will definitely blow over, no doubt. are her fellow sisters good looking women? Is your girl attractive or does she seem a little insecure?

  • I don't see anything wrong with the joke you said. Honestly, you may think there was good chemistry but it takes a while to see if two people are compatible and you two found out you are not. If she was more attracted to you, she would have laughed at your joke. It is amazing what you can overlook with someone you are strongly attracted to. Think about it in your past dating experiences.


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