Is this a rebound relationship?

so my ex girlfriend broke up with me and after it she said she still loved me and didn't want to break up with me but a week later she started flirting with this guy and is now going out with him this guy she is going out with has no past history and she usually hated the guy and made fun of him because we hung out together we going out for about 3 and a half years but the thing is if this looks like a rebound relationship I would like some advice on how to get back with because I see no end to the sadness this break up has given me and I still really love her


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  • I feel your pain dude, why did you guys break up? I went threw the same thing with my ex about a month ago but trust me when I say time heels all wounds. If your ex still loves you then there is a chance you can make this work. You can not panic and act needy because it will push her away farther, you will be delaying the chance of getting her back and the pain will go on for a longer time. Do you guys still talk? me and my ex didn't for the first few weeks but over the last two weeks we have started talking at night . Try to show her you are OK with out her and if she dose love you , then she will start to miss you. She will see the picture doesn't look so good and start to miss. Try to keep the lines of communication open but don't act needy. GIVE HER TIME TO MISS YOU! If you did anything wrong apologize once , make it sinzere and that's it, don't keep saying sorry it makes you look like a pussy. You can save this but remember it is going to take time and don't interfear with her realtionship. You have to be patient because rushing this will only make it worse , you guys dated for a long time so there as long as there is a real bond she see why she hates this guy. No one is capable of going from a long term realtionship to jumping into another realtionship, she hasent had time to deal with the loss and pain yet, SHe is just repressing her feelings but trust me they will come back up, my ex acted the same way and now she is talking to me again, just give it time. Her heart is still there with you so have some faith. Good luck dude

    • thanks man I'll try my hardest