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He asked the people close to him for advice why?

I know that's prob a stupid question but..

I've been hanging out casually with this guy since June who seemed on the fence about getting into a relationship. We got into a couple disagreements. Maybe 3. He would say he likes me a lot and wants a relationship one day then doesn't the next. He would say he wants to go super slow and hated clingy people which was cool with me. Whenever I went slow or if I didn't chat for a couple days then he would say am not consistent. It was driving me mad. Anyways, Monday was the last straw. He said he wanted to give me a chance after consulting with the people close to him and that I should take it or leave it. I asked him if he was really sure and that's when he tripped off on me.. RAGE and ANGER that I've never seen before. He started telling me all kind of hurtful things like I was ugly and only good for sex, had crooked teeth and was young and old at the same time..

So why would he consult people only to just go off on me?
He asked the people close to him for advice why?
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