It's time to go for it?

We were full blown together. She just got out of a relationship before we started dating. So I told her to take some time cause I wanted a honest shot, not a rebound guy. Now I'm ready to take what I want. It's been 1.5 months since we took time. She has started to call more often. So , I don't wanna be inconsiderate of her space but am ready to put my plan in motion. What advice do you have for getting my sweetie back on my arms.


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  • Use the "long day" strategy. Plan to meet up with her on Saturday or Sunday morning, go out of town hiking or antiquing. Get back to town around 6 or 7 and you're both tired but it's not late and you're all talked out. That just leaves lieing down together for a rest and not talking. Works like a charm.