Would you date anyone who had opposing political views?

I asked a girl from church out pretty recently. Just as friends (unless she already thinks otherwise lol,) as it's the first time hanging out outside of church. Just curious to get to know her.
Anywho. She supports BLM, ANTIFA, constantly posts anti white stuff on FB (For example: it's racist to be proud to be white but not proud to be black.) Funny thing is she is mostly white, I'm pretty sure. I know she's struggled with depression and self hatred, as have I, but to believe things like this is uh... pretty loopy.
Regardless, I do like this girl. She's fun to talk to, cute, I believe has the same moral values. Has a number of the same interests as me, but is also really different. In a good way, I mean overall. I really can't recall a single time we've spoke where the conversation seemed dry. We haven't talked politics much but it seems like she isn't one of THOSE people who immediately thinks you're wrong or a terrible person if you disagree; considering she's still talking to me anyways. Though as I said, she has made posts that say otherwise. Perhaps she's made an exception? I find it hard to believe that she wouldn't know who it is I will be voting for for this election.

Anyways. Yeah. Think a relationship between two people with differing views can work out? Should I even want it to? I like her a lot but the self hatred she has and random blanket statements about groups of people are a turn off, needless to say.
Would you date anyone who had opposing political views?
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