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Is the looking for attention?

There is a 46 yr old guy who I went on a date with. He tried to impress me throughout the date and thought I was really pretty. I rejected him due to his age. I told him that I was just afraid our relationship won’t last when im 40 and he at 61. I also didn’t like the fact the was divorced and has kids.

We agreed to just be friends after it. From that point on, he keeps leading me on. For example, it was the day before my birthday and he said he was gonna meet up with me on my bday to do something. But on the bday, he didn’t show any initiative to meet up. But he did text me as he promised “Happy bday! Enjoy your day! Call shortly!” I thought how nice of him! But he never called.

He also calls me baby a lot and sends lots of kisses.

Is he just looking for attention here, why is he doing this? I’m getting kinda tired of it.
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I don’t want him. If I wanted him, I would already be dating him.

But why is he playing such games?
Is the looking for attention?
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