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Would you think I was jealous if I said this?

I’ve been seeing this guy for a few weeks now. He goes to the bar regularly (almost every night). I live far away from him, and have been to the bar with him on weekends. Normally when I go there, it’s just older people/friends. I don’t feel intimidated that there will be girls that will distract him. Anyway last night he was at the bar late. He responded to my text (which was just carrying on our conversation), and told me he was sorry he took so long. Then he said he wanted to call me in a few minutes and I said okay. And then he was like, I’m going to call you now-ish, and I said okay again. It had been like a half hour so I texted asking if he was there. To be honest it was kind of weird, and I knew he’d been drinking so I wanted to know if he made it home safe. And he texted back saying yes, and that he sucks. And I told him I got scared (honestly about his safety). Later when he called he mentioned how it seemed like I felt jealous or something when I said that. I know he has had jealous/possessive girlfriends in the past, but I really don’t think what I said was too much. What are your thoughts?
Would you think I was jealous if I said this?
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