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How to get a girl to notice you?

I have a
crush on a girl, she used to like me but now she likes another girl, I know that because I have a bad feeling in my gut Everytime I see them together. I don't get that feeling when she is around other friends. And i know the person my crush likes feels the same way about her, Beause i see her looking at her Somethimes And i always hear my crush often all her to talk to her, and she speaks to her in like a masuline voice. i was wondering what does the other girl have that i dont, i soon realized when she started talking to me and i felt happy. i love her and hate her at the same time, love beause she is so nice and hate because i am jealous of her. i want to date my crush but at the same time be friends with her, what should i do?
How to get a girl to notice you?
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