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Why would a girl worry about me dating others so quickly?

I have been dating this girl for a week and we have seen each other twice. It early and I’m just going with the flow, too early to get my hopes up. The first date went well, and the second was cool. The second date she came over my place, I told her that I had a flood in the kitchen. That caused water bugs. I cooked her dinner and after that her friend called her asking if she can pick her up from work. The problem is that her friend lives in Seattle, We live in Atlanta. After she drove off, I called her to tell her she didn’t take left overs. She didn’t answer, she called back all nervous and did not want to talk to me. After that she called back and asked how I felt about her so far and how I liked our 2 date. I gave her an answer, then she talked. Her answer was that she thinks I’m a great person and what she likes about me stuff like that, then she tells me that the bugs she saw made her uncomfortable and didn’t want to stay. After that she goes on about if she spends the night etc. After that she says I know you talk to other girls and that we are still in the dating stage, also we are still getting to know each other. I’m sitting in my seat thinking to myself why is she bringing this up. It only been a week. The last thing she told me that I shouldn’t bring no more woman to my place. My question is why would she bring all this things up? The bug thing is cool, but the other
Why would a girl worry about me dating others so quickly?
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