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My ex boyfriend was rude about my period.. am I wrong?

So I’ve seen my ex a few times recently and tried to make things work but we just hit the same issues.

example- we had sex in his car and tmi but I was at the tail end of my period and also a little drunk and I guess I got some blood on his seat of his Range Rover by accident. I think most would know that it’s a little embarassing. I would’ve never even known except the next morning he proceeded to tell me I got blood on his seat and I was so embarrassed deep down that I just kinda played it off and tried to act like I wasn’t but then he told me he wanted me to clean it. I thought he was joking but he brought it up again.

a couple days ago we got in a fight about it and he’s like you didn’t even say soery and I said I was mortified and it’s not like I did it on purpose and it was out of my control. He said I still should’ve apologized and then said he was more annoyed that I didn’t have the courtesy to clean it. But in my mindset I was upset and hurt that he didn’t have the courtesy to think of how it would embarrass me to even brinG it up And on top tell me to clean it bc it’s gross. I feel like a real man wouldn’t even bring it up. What are your thoughts?
am I wrong? I was in tears the other day bc I was trying to explain how embrassing it was.
My ex boyfriend was rude about my period.. am I wrong?
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