My boyfriend seems more distant lately and hasn't really been wanting to hang out.

My boyfriend seems more distant lately and hasn't really been wanting to hang out.we don't really have sex anymore and he doesn't act the way he use too its weird too me. I'm not sure what could be going on I just want some idea of what it might be or maybe has this ever happened to anyone and how did it end?


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  • It's normal for some loss of passion in a relationship to occur gradually over time. It depends on a variety of factors, which may not necessarily mean that the relationship is in trouble. Often times health issues such as hormone imbalance, depression, or high stress levels may impair the level of passion in a relationship. It could also be that maybe he has had a lot of work lately, from either school or his job, that he needs to focus on for a while so he can be successful. Or maybe he hasn't seen some of his buddies for a while and wants to maintain his friendships with them.

    What it all boils down to are probably communication issues. Ask him how he has been feeling lately! Good communication, honesty, and trust are essential in order to have a successful relationship. Don't just ask "what's wrong?" -- ask him what he feels he is or isn't getting out of the relationship, and if there is anything you can do to fix or improve those issues. Be open minded and receptive to what he says and let him know that you are.


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  • This is more of a question for you then anyone of us... There is a lot of info you leavt out ...otherwise we will begin to give you advise and then you say " yeah but" and other facts that you know about then we do... however-

    When I have and had a lover do this it is pretty much a sure sign that your not his main interest anymore... For me (a guy) I don't why I would not be as interested in sex from a willing partner, that just confuses me and would be a red flag for you , for sure...

    Many differnt reasons could be why he is distant so I will not jump to any conclusions without knowing some more details...

    by the way on the Q how did it end? IT ENDED ! and if it didn't end right away then I just suffered with confusion and emotional yurmoil...


    • I try but he gets mad when I try too.

    • OK then he obviously avoiding you and seems to be wanting to break away from you, so sorry honey ...guys will try hard to get some tail even if there's a slim chance he likes you , so that redflag is clear enough to me that he is not interested ... : (

      go out and find someone that makes you happy , goodluck

  • how long have you been together?


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  • You should talk to him and ask him why he is acting strange.

    • I try but he gets Mad and defensive and says he's not and he's fine.

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    • when a person says there "FINE" it usually means your F***ED :*(

    • @standUP yea that's also true :/