Did I embarrass myself?

I'm going to a wedding this weekend and at this wedding will be a guy that I've known all my life. We kind of have a history (first kiss, always liked each other but never got together...). I haven't seen him in over two years, and I know that his girlfriend of over a year just broke up with him last week. So today I sent him a text, and the conversation went as follows:

Me: Gotta admit, I'm looking forward to seeing you guys on Saturday :) It's been a long time.

Him: well that's good opposed to not looking forward to seeing me.

Me: Haha, never :)

Him: Just saying.

Me: Chin up soldier ;) (He actually is a soldier in real life)

Him: ? My chin is up

Me: I was just kidding with you

Him: I'm not mad that was just random

Me: Yea, I'm feeling random lol

Him: Makes sense

That was the end of the conversation. I was trying to be lighthearted and cheer him up, but now I feel like I've just embarrassed myself. Thoughts?

LOL, after I posted this I received a new text of him asking me how I've been so nevermind...


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  • Yeah that's definitely not embarassment worthy, and I'm glad he got back to you to solidify that fact.


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