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Female friend hides fact she has boyfriend from me?

So I am friends with this girl.
We have in the past gone on "dates". She called it dates, I thought we were going as friends. And we may have done more than friendly stuff in the past.

But she has made it very clear we are never going to be more than friends. Which I am fine with.

She calls me her "male best friend". We talk all the time.

Recently she got a boyfriend. To which she refuses to admit to me. When she is with him she won't talk to me unless she sneaks away. I know they are dating as she has told a mutual friend. But when I ask she avoids it and won't come clean. Been like this for months now.

Why wouldn't she admit it to me if I am just a best friend. Is this her way of saying we aren't best friends and pushing me out, or is it something else.

Side note, she is one of the girls who can get any guy she wants and normally will throw guys away when she is bored of them. She's done it to every guy but me for some reason.
Female friend hides fact she has boyfriend from me?
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