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How to handle a girl that is not ready for a relationship?

There is this girl that I have been talking to for the last 6 months. She actually moved back to my area from across the country so that we can be closer and so she can get away from her ex. She was with him for 5 years living together and he had treated her with the most disrespect I have ever seen. We talk every single day if not even see each other. We are still hooking up maybe once a week or so. I know she needs time to heal from these past relationships and I want to date her but I’m afraid to be the only person in love. I also am very good to her I take care of whatever she needs and honestly have no intentions on talking to anybody els but I know that she can’t believe me when I tell her that. She has never dated an actual good guy. I have been fighting really hard to continue to be there for her but I’m starting to get depressed as well with thoughts of she doesn’t want to date you... you will never be good enough... I just don’t know how to find that line between being there for this amazing woman and going to far and getting hurt. I’m scared and just want somebody to talk to about it. I don’t want to lose her but I can’t keep playing boyfriend hoping somebody els dose not come around and the depression that comes with all these negative thoughts. Any advice would be appreciated.
How to handle a girl that is not ready for a relationship?
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