He wants to hang out at my house? Opinions?

I asked this guy I kind of like to hang out. He teases me all the time, but if I tell him it bugs me he says how he would never mean any of it. He wants to hang out and wanted to come up with something amazing for us to do (trying to impress me?) he never texts me first, but if I text him he's super nice and our conversations last for hours (like 3-11pm).

He didn't want to go to the movies, but he wants to hang out at my house. He's a really nice guy, so I know he's not after sex. I don't get why hanging out at my house is best though...he'll have to meet my parents...


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  • Maybe he figures if your parents and your friends like him then everything will be okay with you and him and you and him can be a couple. Some guys want a parents approval before they date a girl. Maybe he is one of those types. If your parents and friends like him? Would you like him more better?

  • hey if it wants to hang out at your place and doesn't mind meeting your parents let him run wild :) not many boys are keen to meet the parents, so he is on the right track.


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