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I have a crush on a Hooters Waitress. Need advice. What should I do?

I know this sounds really bad, and I might seem like some dork (or Butters Stotch from South Park after leaving raisins) but I have a crush on a Hooters waitress and I don’t know how to go about it

Backstory, I go to this Particular Hooters a lot and over the summer I met this waitress. We chat a lot, every time I go in and she’s there she always comes up to say hi and we talk even if she’s not my server. I know that seems standard but she remembers what I tell her when we talk and even if I haven’t been there for months she remembers me and still talks. I know most will be saying that she probably just wants more tips which I agree. But given that she semi hangs out with me while I am there (especially if I go alone) when she Isn’t the waitress serving my table it just seems odd. I have no illusions that she’s into me. I really don’t. But she’s really friendly, and I don’t talk to a lot of girls so she’s basically the only girl In my social life. And that doesn’t even really count since I don’t go there to socialize.

Long story short, last time I was there I ended up talking to her for like 30 minutes. And I realized “goddamnit (Eric Cartman Voice) I think I like her”!!

this is bad because it’s not normal for me to get crushes, I’m usually not that emotional. So when they come, as rare as they are, they come to play.

I know that this sounds really lame and pathetic, and I rationally and consciously know that she’s a hooters girl she gets hit on all the time. Or that hooters girls are impervious to guys attempts to ask them out or any sort of male charm.

I’m not a dork or a nerdy guy. I’m actually an attractive, charismatic guy ( which I feel is an important detail to share). But I don’t know how I should go about it.

my Brain tells me to forget about her, but I can’t help it. If I ask her out and she says no than I basically screw myself because I thoroughly enjoy hanging out at hooters and there food. So I’d see her all the time and it would get awkward.
I have a crush on a Hooters Waitress. Need advice. What should I do?
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