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Tips for asking her out?

There’s a girl i really like at work, but I’ve heard from a coworker that she’s in an “on and off” relationship (though sounds mostly off) and not ready for another relationship right away. I want to remain friends at the very least, without immediately asking her out or making things awkward. I’d like to hang out and build trust before i pop any kind of question involving dating, and i definitely want to maintain a friendship even if she says no.

I have her Discord and could get her Snapchat from other people so staying in contact isn’t an issue, but what sort of things should i start with? How should i go about asking her out and what should i ask to go out and do together? Covid makes the typical “dinner and a movie” a bit difficult, especially considering she and i both work at a theater that’s now closing down permanently due to covid.
Tips for asking her out?
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