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How do you think it's going for us?

Been talking for about a month. We finally met Sunday evening when I drove to her place and we talked for about 2 hours. We both have excellent jobs, but I work out of town.

Last weekends we were going to meet but she was like 2 hours late and then said she wanted to bring a friend, so I said let's try tomorrow. She wanted me to drive to her apartment the next day but I felt better about meeting in public so we didn't meet up, even though I gave in and did it Sunday.

We've talked on the phone a few times, and text/snap a lot. We've talked about meeting up again this weekend but we've never really made solid plans, and she can't give me an answer on when/where she ever wants to go.

We do a little bit of flirting through text and both talk about our futures with the other person involved. She also uses the heart emojis and such several times a day.

How do I approach the next step? She already said this weekend that she might be going to see her parents, so again, very unclear of what her weekend schedule looks like, but I don't want to be too aggressive.
How do you think it's going for us?
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