I want her back/a Lebron James-Miami story?

this is kind of an interesting story. we met because our teams were playing each other in the 2010 NBA semis. cleveland and boston. you know the series where lebron finally threw in the towel on cleveland because of delonte f***ing lebrons mom. well we had liked talking about the games and she was being abused by her ex etc..i fell for her and we started dating in the summer of last year, things started going south for stupid reasons and we broke up before the fall (sort of like a summer fling). when lebron made the decision to go to Miami, she was the first person I went to about it because I was so in pain about it (yes I'm a clevelander, as I mentioned up above). she made me feel like brad pitt even though I could never look like him, she makes me feel like a man among men. she has a boyfriend though (her rebound) and I recently told her I want her back, she said she likes that I do and I can tell she wants me back as well.

what can I do here?


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  • What you end up doing?


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