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Was I being too aloof when he text me about a date?

He’s been trying to get a date with a girl named Tiffany over the past month. They set up a date but then Tiffany would bail because of “personal issues”. But she always says she still wanted to meet up. He finally got her to agree to a meet up and wanted to tell my me because he likes to keep me updated.

Him- Hey so Tiffany text me today and opened up. I’ll probably get to meet up with her today.

Me - lol okay.

Him- Just keeping you updated lol. She opened up that her ex beat her so bad she had to get him arrested. And now she has all that paperwork. And her mom has cancer. but she opened up to me.

Me- lots of drama.

Him- yep she got a lot in her life. I’m still going to give it a try lol. This explains why she was wasn’t meeting up.

Me - sure why not

Him- 😎

I didn’t want to say anything negative- but it’s obvious he’s about to head for a train wreak. He’s never had a girlfriend so I’m just going to let him learn...
but how do you think I came off in these messages?
Was I being too aloof when he text me about a date?
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