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Feel really upset and disappointed?

Just found out my boyfriend has been lying about everything I am feeling hurt! He’s lied about saying his parents won’t accept us together. He’s lied about not taking me out saying i should Plan dates all the time. He has just been coming to mine to chill and then we have been going for walks near the river which I live. He lied to me about having carona because I was going to leave him and then he lied to me about him getting fired from the job because I was going to leave him. I was on the phone yesterday crying to him saying stop treating me like this he goes everyday it’s arguments I said it’s everyday you treating me like shit. He knows exactly what he’s doing. I feel as if he has just been using me for sex and stuff but then Again it does take two to tango so I can’t put the blame on him. I just feel really hurt can’t someone give me any advice or uplifting messages? Especially now that we are in lockdown. It’s his birthday today and I blocked him yesterday I’m not even going to wish him a happy birthday he does not deserve it.
Feel really upset and disappointed?
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