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Am I overreacting? Should I cut off contact?

So the other day me and my boyfriend were on the phone he made me mad and I hung up on him (that time I did hang up) then he text me that I’m blocked. So me being stubborn I didn’t care but I eventually ended up calling him back and he actually did block me so fast forward about an hour later we ended back up on the phone and he told me that he cares about me but I’m always hanging up on him and that shows that I don’t respect him. So we were cool I let it go. Then he did it again today because he thought I hung up on him and I didn’t mean to but the FaceTime call kept saying reconnecting I couldn’t hear him at all so I just hung up the phone. I thought he’d call back knowing that I didn’t hang up on him because it said the call was reconnecting and he was also driving. However he blocked me again so I called him on my moms phone and asked him why did he blocked me again. He said because I keep hanging up on him. We’ve known each other for years and I used to block him for months at a time and he always brings it up I haven’t blocked him once this year and it’s starting to really annoy me because instead of cutting him out my life I’m trying to communicate instead of being stubborn because now I actually like him.
Am I overreacting? Should I cut off contact?
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